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Feeling bad vibes at work? It actually could be your own fault (Holistic Hustle)

DATE POSTED:August 5, 2022

Kharissa Parker-Forte is a news producer, writer, certified health coach, and columnist for Startland News.  Read her “Holistic Hustle” columns for Startland News here. For more of her self-care tips on how to keep your cup full, visit

Editor’s note: This commentary kicks off Parker-Forte’s series on the 7 Pillars of Self-Care by discussing the intersection between spirituality and work.

Have you ever walked into a room with a bunch of people and instantly knew something was wrong, like the energy was just… off? Bad vibes is what the kids calls it these days, but they’re not lying. I believe that science is the physical manifestation of the spiritual world and, from both a scientific and spiritual point of view, we as humans are truly vibrational beings. For better or worse, what’s brewing inside is bound to resonate out. 

This is why spiritual alignment is the first pillar of self-care. (Here’s the introduction, ICYMI.) It’s the first domino that knocks over the rest, indicating where your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, habits, and interactions land. 

When I think about spiritual alignment at work, the first person that comes to mind is my daddy who was a janitor and is now retired. Growing up, he worked two jobs while my mom cared for me, my sister, and our home. His first job was at a local hospital, which was also where our family went for appointments for many years. Even into adulthood and after I had my own kids, the love and affection I would receive when they found out I was Larry Parker’s daughter and these babies were his grandchildren always made me feel warm inside. From doctors to nurses to office administrators, they all said the same thing: I just love your dad. He was always smiling and always happy. My day would brighten up every time I talked to him.

That, my friends, is spiritual alignment.

But, you know what? When I look back at his presence in the home, it makes sense. Daddy would read his Bible and pray every morning, a habit he continues to this day. When my sister and I would argue or get a little rowdy, he’d set us straight without barely raising his voice. I don’t recall ever seeing him worry or stress out, even when times were tough. He was and is the master of his peace — and that type of resolve echoed throughout our home and his workplace.

When it comes to spiritual alignment at work, your job title and pay grade are irrelevant. There’s a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment that exists and outranks all of those things.

Through my daddy’s example, I know that spiritual alignment begins much sooner than when you clock in. While everyone has their own spiritual beliefs and practices, spiritual alignment is more of a state of being than a religious act. At the same time, the beliefs and practices (whatever those may be for you) are the catalyst — and you’ll know when you’re out of alignment, too. Being egotistical, rude, impatient, anxious, and controlling are just a few signs that you need to tap in spiritually. 

So, how do you get back in alignment? You simply make the choice to do so. Step away, take some deep breaths, recite a mantra, and choose to be in alignment. As a writer, I really wish it was more complicated, but it’s not.

Spiritual alignment is a vibrational energy.

Spiritual alignment is a practice.

Spiritual alignment is a state of being.

Spiritual alignment is a choice.

Simple as that.

If this first pillar of self-care felt like a big pill to swallow, I promise it’ll all start to click as we connect as the other pillars come into play. Next month, we’ll dive into the next pillar: emotional intelligence. 

Fueled by her expertise as a news producer, writer, and certified health coach, Kharissa Parker-Forte is passionate about helping entrepreneurs in Kansas City achieve their goals without sacrificing self-care. Check out her personal blog and connect with her on Instagram, and Twitter.

This commentary is possible thanks to support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a private, nonpartisan foundation that works together with communities in education and entrepreneurship to create uncommon solutions and empower people to shape their futures and be successful.

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